NOVEMBER 27, 2012: The comic is not dead, its just that the concussion that I got back in September ended up forcing me to miss work for over a month and to miss a couple weeks of grad school, and I've been struggling to get my life back on track since then. I am hoping to get the site back up in December. Again, I hate to keep you all waiting, but I really do want to get things back on track soon.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2012: I'm sorry this turned into an extended hiatus, but in addition to the tech problems I have suffered a concussion and the imnor impairments combined with everything else have slowed me down.

AUGUST 23, 2012: Still working on the problem, but I think I found a
solution. Need to get in touch with my host techies again but I think I'll have
things up and running again soon. In the meantime, here is today's update:

AUGUST 21, 2012: Hey everyone. Forgive the crudeness of this notice, but I
wanted to give you all an update on what is happening.

Twice Blessed, like many other small webcomics, was created with the free
website-building software called WordPress. Unfortunately, a few days ago,
something went wonky with the site somewhere, and people were no longer able to
comment. I didn't notice this until yesterday. In addition, my webcomics plugin
would no longer let me upload webcomics, which as you can imagine is a bit of a
problem. So, having not upgraded my version of WordPress in a long while, I
decided to update my software.

...Now I can no longer log in to my administrator dashboard. Big problem. I've
been working to try and find a solution, but apparently WordPress does not offer
any form of interactive tech support, and the solutions I've found on their forums
and codex have not worked.

Since comments are down, I have opened up a thread for discussion on this at the GiantITP Forums for now.
In the meantime, here is today's update: