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Twice-Blessed is a high-fantasy comedy/adventure graphic novel. It is set in an alternate version of our world, where history was changed drastically at some point when magic was discovered. The main plot focuses on Cade Masters and Delbin Black, the “Blessed” of Luck and Fate, respectively, who at first are sworn to kill each other but soon find that they must keep each other alive if they don’t wish to perish.

(More to come!)


I’m currently a college student majoring in English with a creative writing emphasis. I know that probably doesn’t count for much since I’m still a student, but I have made an extensive study of different kinds of fantasy since I plan on not only being a fantasy writer, but actually pursuing writing fiction and fantasy on the graduate level. While my initial reaction to the map and the use of the term “High Fantasy” was the same as most of the posters, further (about 15 seconds, honestly) consideration made it apparent that this is not, in fact, low fantasy. the world is unbelievably altered from our own. the maps may appear the same, but if writers can’t use similar geographic setups, then not even Tolkien wrote High Fantasy. Middle-Earth is based Earth in many ways. Tolkien even implies in his novels that the reader is existing on the same world as Middle-Earth, just at a much later time.

I could easily go on further, but I’m sure that the people that are going to disagree with me will disagree with me regardless of how much more I have to say, so I’m just going cut it off here.

Note to the Author and Artist: I love this graphic novel. I look forward to every update and I hope you guys are able to see your project through to the end.

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