I was going to name this page the FAQ. But let’s face it, I have like… two readers? So not many questions to answer.
So these are the Frequently Unasked Questions (FUQ), which are questions I’m sure I’ll be asked in the future.
I know this fuq is a little rough. If, in the future, I get enough real questions to answer, I suppose I’ll get the fuq out of here.

“What edition of Dungeons & Dragons is this set in, if any?”
The comic obviously draws on D&D a lot, but D&D mechanics are not central to the story. You will see things that only existed in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th edition settings, things that existed in all of them, and things that existed in none of them. Its really just about what I think makes the best story.

*Insert complaint about breasts, sex jokes, or something else you find offensive about the comic*
These are things that will be in the comic. If any of the following bothers you, then yes, this comic is not for you:
Men and women of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. There are women with small busts and large busts. Athletic men and women. Fat and skinny men and women. Get over it.
There will be violence. Awlym is a dangerous world, and some of the characters are more brutal than others.
There will be blood and gore. Not more than one would expect, but a realistic amount one would expect from being cleaved with a greatsword, etc.
There will be homosexual characters. P.S. Lesbians do not exist for the sole purpose of showing chicks making out with chicks. (As hot as that is.)
There will be (off screen) sex. (Most) of the characters are not chaste. However, I do not plan on showing their explicit bedroom activities. There will be some jokes about sex because sex is funny, and you’ll probably seeing a fair amount of the before and the after.

“Why does the map of Awlym look like Europe?”
Because it is Europe. Just in an alternate reality.

“Hey! Did you just rip off ______”?
Probably. I’m a hack who enjoys making pop culture references.


Like what I see so far. As a gamer-geek, I like to see good gamer-related comics. Hope to see more.
If it helps, obviously Cade is a Gareth (1e-2e CG paladin) or Avenger (3e CG paladin; probably with the Detoted Performer feat), likely a Fortune’s Friend (PrC), or a Fortune’s Fool (Legendary class). I’ve seen what unbelievable luck can do at the game table.

David, attorney at game

This is my new favorite webcomic! The artwork is fantastic and the story is very entertaining. I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

and yes, I will be telling my friends :)

This is one of my favourite webcomics, definitely on par with Looking For Group and Darths & Droids. The artwork is very well done, full colouring is also a big plus, the characters and the story so far are vivid and memorable.

Funny thing though, I’ve been checking this site for updates almost daily for over 3 months now, and this is the first time I actually saw the F.U.Q. page XD I guess leaving a comment is the least I could do :)

All in all, a great comic, keep up the good work! ^^

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