Cade Masters

    Cade Masters is a half-elf paladin/bard. (Actually only 1/4 elf, but if you tell people you are a quarter elf, they think you're the fey patron of arcades or something.) He has gained a reputation as a master swordsman, a skilled spellcaster, and a brilliant tactician. However, he is none of those things.
      Though at least somewhat competent with a sword, and possessing a variety of low-level magic tricks and healing powers thanks to his bard training, Cade's greatest victories are usually achieved completely by accident. Cade is the Blessed of Idamra, goddess of luck, revelry, and passion. Idamra's blessing grants Cade "extreme luck". Not necessarily good or bad luck, just extreme luck. If one were to ask themselves “what are the chances?” and Cade is involved, the answer is actually “pretty good”. Cade is likely to discover ancient lost treasures and defeat powerful ancient evils completely on accident, and then convince others (and himself) that it’s just because he is so talented.  Likewise, Cade is also likely to bare an unhealthy resemblance to that assassination target or fugitive with the huge bounty on his head, drink the poisoned drink that was meant for some poor noble, and otherwise stumble into very deep shit.
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      D&D Stats:
        4th edition:half-elf hybrid paladin|bard 10, multiclass rogue.
          3rd edition:half-elf  warblade 2/bard 4/holy liberator 2
            2nd edition: human bard 4 / paladin 7 (houseruled to let paladins be CG)

            Appearances by Cade Masters

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