Concerning Ads:
Ok, so some of you may have noticed that I briefly had AdBrite ads on here before, but I dumped them after it quickly became apparent that they have almost no quality control.

So now I’m with AdSense. I don’t want the website to look cluttered, and I don’t want ads to take away from the website, but at the same time, the website needs to bring in money for me to keep this running.

Anyways, if you feel any of the ads are detracting from the site, I encourage you to let me know.

UPDATE: See, this is exactly the sort of thing I was afraid of. I warn you, looking at this ad may permanently lower your faith in the future of mankind. Stop making “sexy” versions of everything for Halloween, dammit! This reminds of the time I lost a Halloween costume contest to Sexy Abraham Lincoln (true story).


Lame sauce man. I’m guessing it was a woman in that costume too. Biased sexist judges lol

Well, I actually kind of had to admit that Sexy Abraham Lincoln is kind of hilarious. I’m assuming she was spoofing all the other sexy-xyz costumes.
But that ad is too much. Sexy WATERMELON? Was the person making the costumes just going around the house picking up random objects to add to his list of “ideas” for a sexy costume?
“Oooh! And we’ll make a sexy watermelon! And a sexy chair! And a sexy coffee machine!”

thanks and god bless,
What is the measure of an acute angle if twice the measure of its supplement is 24 more than 5 times the measure of its complement?

also if you could help with this one (optional)
Point A is the end point point of 2 perpendicular rays, AB and AC, D is a point in the interior of <BAC and E is a point in the exterior of <BAC such that ray AD perpindicular (the upside down T) ray AE

Umm, this loss wouldn’t happen to have been in Chicago, would it? I did a costume of that nature… but it /was/ home-made! ‘Twas inspired by the music video “Gay Bar” by Electric 6.

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