How You Can Support This Webcomic

How You Can Support This Webcomic
Hey everyone! Are you enjoying the webcomic so far? Would you like to see more? Well, the more support we get from you, the more Twice Blessed we can make. Here is how you can support us:
1. VISIT OUR ADVERTISERS: You see those ads on the left side of this page, and the banner that should be a little bit above this post? Those ads keep this site running. When you visit our advertisers via those ads, it improves our income (details on what we do with that income below). If everyone who visited the site visited one of those ads just once per visit, we’d be a lot better off. DO NOT click on any of the ads repeatedly in an attempt to “help” us. Google will just identify that as attempted fraud and we’ll both get in trouble. I’m just saying, give our advertisers a legitimate chance, and visit their websites once in a while. It costs you nothing, it makes the advertisers happy, and it helps fund this website so we can continue to bring you new content!
2. Donate: We also have a donate button if you are so inclined to give. Pretty self-exclamatory. Plus you get a nifty wallpaper!
3. Tell your friends! The more fans we have, the more we will grow!

In the future, we’ll have a store to sell merchandise and whatnot as well.

What Do We Do With The Money?:
So, if you are helping us make money, you have a right to know what it is being put toward. Here are the priorities:
1. Putting a roof over the head of Genevieve and myself and keeping food in our belly.
2. Costs for running the website.
3. (Future) Hire a colorist, so we can make comics faster and update more times per week.
4. (Future) Hire an inker, so we can make comics faster and update more times per week.
5. (Future) Create physical merchandise to sell. (Books, shirts, hats, swords, armor, rods of wonder, etc.)
6. (Further Future) Quit our day jobs, so we can make comics faster and update more times per week.
7. (Further Future) Take current assets and seek investors via kickstarter and/or my MBA connections and create a pilot for an animated series.
8. (Distant Future if things go really well) Become a full-fledged studio with multiple different comics, animated series, video games, and more.


They’ve been made! Who’s interested? More importantly, what other sizes should I be making?
So far I’ve made two sizes/formats:

The 1680×1050 Windows format…

…and the 2560×1600 OSX format.

If you donate $1 or more, you get a wallpaper! Just tell us what size you want in your paypal note, and I’ll send it if we have it. or make one that size for you if we don’t!

PS: Please keep visiting our advertisers! They pay for this site!
(We only had like 4 people use the banners today…)

Update on Sunday’s Update

Update on Sunday’s Update:
So, I told you before that we might miss Sunday’s update, and I am pleased to tell you that I was wrong!
HOWEVER, though I usually try to get an update uploaded by 12am EST so that the update is available the second it is technically Sunday anywhere in the US, I can’t always be that prompt. This will likely be one of those times. But it will be uploaded before Sunday is over on the west coast! So check back every few hours come Sunday ’til we’ve got it posted!

Onomatopoeia suggestion?

Onomatopoeia suggestion?
Hey, I’m wracking my brain here, and maybe you guys can help me?
Can anyone think of a good onomatopoeia for the sound of whirling vortex of frost magic? Wooosh is just not doing it for me.

UPDATE: I was thinking of this (except more intense):
Just can’t think of a good way to put it into letters.


Concerning Ads:
Ok, so some of you may have noticed that I briefly had AdBrite ads on here before, but I dumped them after it quickly became apparent that they have almost no quality control.

So now I’m with AdSense. I don’t want the website to look cluttered, and I don’t want ads to take away from the website, but at the same time, the website needs to bring in money for me to keep this running.

Anyways, if you feel any of the ads are detracting from the site, I encourage you to let me know.

UPDATE: See, this is exactly the sort of thing I was afraid of. I warn you, looking at this ad may permanently lower your faith in the future of mankind. Stop making “sexy” versions of everything for Halloween, dammit! This reminds of the time I lost a Halloween costume contest to Sexy Abraham Lincoln (true story).


According to StatPress, Twiceblessed has now had 5000 unique visitors! (And almost 30,000 pageviews!) Not bad for only being “live” for a week!
We’ll do our best not to let all of you down!

Input please!

Input please!
I’ve been receiving feedback from some people that they are having a very difficult time reading Vadim’s dialogue.
I’m experimenting with revising it to be a bit easier to read, while still implying his thick Ustavian accent.
Please look at this test panel and let me know what you think:
test revision

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